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SAS Survival Book and iPhone app The SAS Survival Book and iPhone app. The book is super small, great for the bug out bag(s).

MindTap Mobile App

Introducing the MindTap Mobile App, available to any student who has activated their MindTap course access code. You can use the app to view notifications and announcements across all of your...

Button Bash - Papers, Please iPad Review

2013's critically acclaimed indie title, Papers Please, has returned with a re-release on the iPad You play an immigration officer for the fictional country of Arstotzka, basically just...

The "Bible" of Survival, SAS Survival Handbook

I discuss the go to survival guide that I recommend everyone have.

Guns of Glory - 5 tips to get more resources

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App Empire 2.0 Review - Is Chad Mureta's App Empire Really Worth Your Cash -- Click Link To Left To Visit The App Empire 2.0 Official Site!! App Empire 2.0 Review Who doesn't want to have their own business, and being the ruler of their...

Wonolo app Explained

Wonolo app Explained My referral code here JERMAINE11 Welcome to the sharing economy. Wonolo is a brand-new app that allows you to work whatever...

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25+ Survival, Prepping & Bushcraft Books

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